The Darnall Family shoot

It’s never really a “shoot” for me. I really don’t even like to call it that. It’s more of a “quality relationship outing”. It may sound kind of weird but it’s true. It’s a block of time that my clients have chosen to give in the midst of their busy lives with their loved ones. It’s an emotional investment as they open up their hearts and lives in conversation with me over life, their children, values & dreams. It’s outside- somewhere that’s freely open and gives room for spontaneity. It’s me using my God given gift and love of photography and sharing it with the those wish to have part. It’s creating a painting of life.

You cannot miss the strong presence of commitment that this family has to each other.

Nor the love that they share for each other.

You look into her beautiful eyes and you see her sweet innocenceand you feel his laughter and are just reminded of wonderful life really is.




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The Long kids shoot

I sure love having the opportunity to often photograph the same family or children over the years. Having this chance to see them grow and learn about what drives them and watch them express themselves is priceless.

As I photographed Zack & Sydney I realized how fast time goes by. They were no longer the “little ones” as I once knew them.  When I shared the video that I had created of them to my dear friend Trish, she was very emotional. She usually does not express much and so I was definitely taken back by it. It wasn’t that the photos were not good because she loved them but it was because she could see how much they had grown. You see, you live day by day. You cram in everything and anything you can. You are running in all sorts of different directions. The days becomes weeks and then weeks become months and then before you know it, it’s been a few years. Then, you stand still for the moment to see and truly see a reality picture. A image of where your loved ones are today in this journey of life.To one of my dearest friends, Trish. May you always treasure these photographs and this moment of your children’s lives.




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The Mitchell Boys

Photographing a father and his boys truly gives me much joy. It’s so easy- especially since I have all my boys in my house and I always shooting them. I sure can’t wait for Curtis and his boys to see them all- from the serious images to the ones of them laughing hysterically.  I sure love what I do and I love this season of photographing families.

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Taylor’s SeNIoR shoot

Meet Taylor from Goodpasture Christian School. I knew the minute I met her that we would click. You see, she tells you the way it is. She is honest and what you see is what you get. Kinda like me…

The shoot was an absolute blast and her carefree spirit and creative side just made it that much more fun. First of all, she didn’t need any guidance as to what she should do during the shoot. She had her own agenda and had it down and I even told her that it looked like I was just along for the ride, which was fabulous.  I’ll have to share what happened to us downtown too. So she was sitting against the brick wall and I was chatting with her and randomly I tell her that I want her to visualize herself with these “cute guys” looking at her from across the street and then all of a sudden I start seeing all these faces of hers and I just click away because I am know I am capturing her!  Yet,  little did I know that a homeless guy had been walking right behind me and heard what I had said and thanked me for saying “cute guy” for he had not been called that in years. She wanted to just hide. I laughed and then I  actually even felt kind of sad for him.  I mean, it was funny seeing Taylor’s faces ( her usual ones according to her family)  and the fact that I am so deaf that I could not hear the guy behind me but really, his statement made me see that the reality in life is that we all want to be told we are beautiful and we want to feel appreciated. So I’d definitely say that this was a shoot that put a little more of life in perspective for me and count it a blessing to have met this amazing senior girl.

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A peak at this season’s 7/8 action shots

I am done shooting all my teams for the Fall and now I prepare for my Sale Dates that will be Saturday October 22nd the 29th. I absolutely love this day as I get to watch the parents go through the images and smile.

Smiles just make my day.

Here is the final peek at this season’s actions shots!

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A little more action from the Smart Start

There’s nothing more adorable than these 3 and 4 year olds playing baseball. That is, their version of baseball which includes playing in the dirt and taking lots of potty breaks. It’s really been another great season photographing these lil’ ones. I don’t know that there are many leagues out there that have this program available to their community and have photographers capturing them but I highly recommend and encourage the leagues and photographers to seek this program. This age group is often the highlight of my season. Now, as a photographer with experience photographing this league for quite some time I will say be prepared that your back will be killing you as you are squatting and shooting low the whole time but the rewards far outweigh the pain of the body. I promise you that- not only from the sales of the images because honestly, how can mom & dad turn down those photos of their little one playing ball for the first time but more so, the personal fulfillment of being reminded as you capture them through the viewfinder of how amazing life is, along with a lot of laughter which is so needed for our souls.

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The Castleman Family Session

Loving that the Fall is here and that it’s time for Family Sessions. I am telling you, Zander is one of kind. He is the cutest little one you’ll ever meet. He’ll tell you his stories. His life and even his mom and dad’s, whether they are okay with it or not. There were such funny moments that I found myself laughing so hard with mom. It’s their innocence. I asked mom if he is always this way and she said not usually and I just laughed even harder.

Family moments. Totally spontaneous. 

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