As a 2nd shooter at a wedding this past summer

I was so excited when Charlotte Price, a dear friend and photographer of mine from Hendersonville, asked me to assist her at a wedding. I had never been a 2nd shooter before and I was looking forward to being there to not only assist and support her but to also have the “extra” time to photograph the many details of the wedding. Loved capturing photographs of the the decor, the food & cake and of course the special moments shared between the bride and the groom and family.

I know she will not be happy with me for posting this photograph of her but I just had to. I know she knows how I am and she knows that I could not, not share about her on my blog.  Such a dear friend & great photographer. So grateful for this opportunity to work with her and her client.  


About carlalynnphotography

I love people. I love life. I love wearing my rain boots in the rain. I pray. I dream. I laugh. I cry. I write. I blog. I want to live my life to it's fullest. From making sure that my families needs are met; to shooting little league ballgames and lifestyle portraitures of seniors families, I consider myself blessed.
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