Ball Season is oFFiciaLLy HeRe.

I’ll never forget how great it feels to be at the first game of ball season. To feel the dirt, the warmth of the sunshine and just watch those kids play ball. More often, it takes me back to my son’s first season there at that park. It’s where he discovered his love for the game. I still remember Sebastian’s first season at the age of 5 with the Cardinals and now today,10 years later, he plays for his high school and still carries the same passion and love for baseball. It’s all those photographs that I have in his scrapbook from all those years playing ball that reassure to me that what I do today; photographing all those little ones is for the right reasons.

So, the ball season has officially begun. I have 96 teams. Believe it or not, after working with the ball schedules from both parks and having Randy Neff assist me with shooting, we accomplished 69 teams in 8 days. As exhausting as it is, it sure feels great to know that there are only about 20 teams left to shoot this season now.

My editing has begun. As many of you know, I love having images not only in color but also in Black and White and Sepia. 5/6 division has been completed and below are a sneak peek of some of the images I captured. Check out the video at the bottom of this post with more action shots!



About carlalynnphotography

I love people. I love life. I love wearing my rain boots in the rain. I pray. I dream. I laugh. I cry. I write. I blog. I want to live my life to it's fullest. From making sure that my families needs are met; to shooting little league ballgames and lifestyle portraitures of seniors families, I consider myself blessed.
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