Merry Christmas or better said, Feliz Navidad

I’m really no writer. I don’t know all the rules of grammar and the do’s and dont’s. I just seek the best words to describe what my mind and heart feel.

It’s December 16th. I haven’t even done my christmas cards yet and I actually find this kind of amusing. Because you see, the “Carla” we knew or thought I was, would have been freaking out and wanting everything to be so perfect that she would have even allowed it to bug her so much and ruin some of her days. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t bother me one bit. And at that, I am amazed.

So I stop for a moment and  take a hard look at myself. With honesty and no masks because if I were to try to “hide” something, who would I be kidding but myself? Who’s loss but my own?  And I thank God for making me imperfect. Yes, imperfect. Because it is through all of life’s experiences, failures of my own and even stubbornness that I have been given a glimpse of what life is really about. What’s worth fighting for. Stressing over. Crying. Laughing. Living. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So the christmas cards are not being mailed this year. Instead something a little different. A little piece of me. Using FaceBooks gift of sharing and my blog- I am embracing it and using it to share my christmas story with anyone and everyone. ( Not to mention- it’s free)

It’s true. It’s that time of the year that we look back and reflect upon memorable moments, our accomplishments and struggles. Really anything that has left us a mark. Marks that have touched our souls and possibly even changed us a bit. Marks that are hidden in that room lined with the things that we don’t show or one’s that are visible to the eye. We all have them. Each of those, to mold us into we are today.

I look back and reflect on this chance that I have been given. From the JOY in my heart for my family and the LOVE for my photography.

To COMMITMENT. To look back and see how my husband and I passed through the storms of life a couple years ago and see where we are today. Stronger. Closer. Ever grateful. In prayer together, each night.  And still, investing and working the marriage each day. I thank God for him.

To MOTHERHOOD. No one ever said raising boys was easy but yet, I take each moment, each stage and embrace it and cherish it. From one in middle school to the other in high school. From one walking home from school each day to the other one getting ready to drive. From skateboards and motorcycles to ballgames.From moments of wanting to scream to moments that give me tears of happiness.

To the PERSONAL ENRICHMENT that ASHLEY SCOTT has blessed me with. To learning to live life. Appreciate life. Fight for life. Dance in the rain. Smile. Believe and have Blind Faith.  To Ashley- for allowing me to give her a piece of myself through my photography.

To the FAMILY TRIP. A cruise to Mexico. All 10 of us. To total chaos and fun. I love our trips. Memories for a lifetime. I love my brother and sister. My nephews and nieces.

To the PATIENCE that I have had to learn in having my amazing mother live with us for 8 months. (I am sure she felt the same way!)

To the STUDENT I was while attending photography classes earlier this year. Learning and bettering myself in Photoshop and Studio Lighting.

To the HEALING of my heart’s electrical malfunction and having the chance to resume to running.

To the GRIEVING of my grandmother’s death during the beginning of winter. Letting go of that last piece that still tied me to my father.

To TEEN IDENTITY. TASRA DAWSON. RON DAWSON. JIM COLLINS. PICTAGE. JOE BUISSINK. CARLOS BAEZ and  PARTNERCON 2010. This experience. One of a kind. One that I will cherish always. Words that have been embedded in me. Where Y’ At? . This will take a whole other post 🙂 . Let me just say, that as a photographer, I am who I am. With my own style. It works for me. I love what I do. I don’t have to change.  I will continue to do what my soul longs to do….

To my WORK. My passion of PHOTOGRAPHY. My CLIENTS.  To shooting about 140 teams this year and being able to give the families in my community photographs of a moment in the life of their child’s ballgame. To discovering my niche for SENIORS and my love for working with them and capturing their true identity. To all my clients who believe in me and give me the chance to be a part of their lives. I am ever grateful.

Last but not least, to MY GOD. MY FAITH. Non of this was by chance but by his grace.

Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad.


About carlalynnphotography

I love people. I love life. I love wearing my rain boots in the rain. I pray. I dream. I laugh. I cry. I write. I blog. I want to live my life to it's fullest. From making sure that my families needs are met; to shooting little league ballgames and lifestyle portraitures of seniors families, I consider myself blessed.
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