Kidd Engagement/Crew :)

Meet the Kidd crew….. gotta love them. They are all so adorable.

As for the boys, well,  I have photographed them at the ball park  for several years now and have truly enjoyed watching them grow playing ball and having their dad as a Coach. So, this past season, Coach Kidd came up to me and shared with me that he is getting married and that I must meet Amy. He wants pictures. Family pics. Engagement Pics. Wedding Pics. I cannot tell you  how excited I am to be a part of their lives.  I loved meeting Amy and having coffee at Starbucks with her for about 2 hours (amazing how time just flies when you are chatting about life…)

Anyways, here’s a sneak peak. I know they have anxiously been waiting….

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About carlalynnphotography

I love people. I love life. I love wearing my rain boots in the rain. I pray. I dream. I laugh. I cry. I write. I blog. I want to live my life to it's fullest. From making sure that my families needs are met; to shooting little league ballgames and lifestyle portraitures of seniors families, I consider myself blessed.
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